Buttocks Augmentation

Using fat transfer to create fuller, shapelier buttocks is commonly called a Brazilian butt lift. The lifted appearance is the result of using liposuction to sculpt the areas surrounding the buttocks, which are then augmented with the processed fat tissue. The procedure can result in a more defined contour.

Most patients notice a rounder, fuller, buttock region immediately, but final results may not be apparent for weeks or months. Successful fat grafting depends partly on the surgeon's skill, technique, and experience. In some cases, some of the fat re-injected into the buttocks can diminish as it is reabsorbed into the body.

Good Candidates for Fat Grafting to Buttocks

The best candidates for buttocks augmentation are healthy individuals who maintain a stable weight. People seeking fat grafting to their buttocks may feel:

  • Their buttocks are too small for their frames
  • Clothes don't fit properly
  • Their buttocks are saggy or flat
  • The shape of their buttocks makes them self-conscious

Thinner patients may not have enough fat to successfully augment the buttocks area. Your surgeon will do a physical examination during your consultation to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for high volume fat grafting1.

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