Questions to Ask Your Doctor about fat grafting in breast procedures

If you are considering breast surgery for reconstructive or aesthetic reasons, the following sample questions may be helpful to guide a discussion with your surgeon.

  1. Do you use fat grafting techniques in breast surgery? If not, why?

  2. In what types of breast procedures do you use fat grafting?

  3. What do you think are the benefits of fat grafting?

  4. On what types of patients do you normally use fat grafting?

  5. Are there patients that you would not recommend the use of fat grafting? Why?

  6. Do you think I am a candidate for fat grafting? What potential benefits could it provide to me?

  7. Where would you take the fat from?

  8. Would you perform the fat grafting procedure under local or general anesthesia?

  9. For my type of case, what have been your results?

  10. How many procedures would you expect me to need to undergo to achieve my goals?

  11. What risks or complications should I be aware of if I decide to undergo fat grafting?

  12. Do you have a patient that you have treated with fat grafting that I could speak to about her experience?

  13. Will my results be permanent? How long will my results last?