When Would You Consider Fat Grafting?

  • If you wish to improve your body contour, fill bodily depressions, and rejuvenate your breasts, buttocks, or face
  • If you have areas that appear wrinkled or sunken
  • If you desire more permanent correction than what is provided by temporary fillers

Breast Reconstruction

If you undergo a mastectomy to treat breast cancer, you may want to consider reconstructive surgery to repair your lost or damaged breast tissue. As part of the reconstructive procedure, your surgeon may use fat grafting along with implant breast reconstruction. Fat grafting can help to improve overall aesthetic results in reconstructive surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Fat grafting may also be performed at the same time as placement of implants to enhance breast shape and add cleavage.  If you desire a modest increase in breast size (one half cup to a full cup size), you may be a good candidate for fat grafting in the breast.  If you have sagging breasts or want a significant increase in breast size, breast augmentation with fat transfer alone may not be appropriate.

Buttock Augmentation

If you desire fuller, more curvy buttocks, you may consider a “Brazilian butt lift,” which uses fat grafting to provide a more rounded buttocks.  Liposuction is commonly used to both sculpt the surrounding area and collect the fat to be injected.

Disclaimer: Every woman’s situation is different, so be sure to ask your surgeon if the REVOLVE™ System is right for you.  This website is not intended to replace a discussion with your surgeon.  This website does not describe all the potential risks and potential benefits associated with fat grafting procedures.  Every patient is different and every patient’s results may vary.  Whether or not you have fat grafting surgery is a decision you need to make in consultation with your surgeon.  Only you and your surgeon can determine the best option for you.